To stay up to date with events and news, be sure to visit our related websites and like us on Facebook:   Kalahari Peoples Network Ju/’hoan Transcription Group (on Facebook) Welcome to the Kalahari Peoples Fund The Kalahari Peoples Fund was founded in 1973 by members of the Harvard  Kalahari Research Group, and has held 501(c)(3) status since 1978.  For  almost 40 years our organization has been composed of volunteer  professional anthropologists, development workers, linguists, educators and  other experts; who have worked closely with these peoples and are familiar  with their contemporary situations.  Our volunteers respond to requests by the  San, Nama, Tyua and other indigenous Kalahari communities to advocate,  advise, research and fundraising for emerging situations and much needed  community projects. Our organization provides responsible information and research on the  Kalahari peoples for lawyers, students, volunteers and eco-travelers interested  in Southern Africa.  We also give talks and workshops at many national and  international venues to inform academia and the public about the current state  of the Kalahari peoples.   © Kalahari Peoples Fund 2010
Kalahari Peoples Fund

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SASI Will Be Hosting the First Ever Kalahari Desert Festival in 2013!   The purpose of the festival is to  bring indigenous and "world"  musicians together in the Kalahari, on the land of the Khomani in a  celebration of music with the goal  of showcasing the contribution of  arts and culture towards socio-  economic development and social  cohesionas well as reconnecting  historically and geographically di verse cultures with a common past in a unique and spiritually  rejuvenating environment.  This event has our national and  provincial government support and  is now on our national programme  for festivals and events. The dates  for this event has been set for the  22nd and 23rd March 2013, which  is during Human Rights month in  South Africa. Annually we will host  this event close to human rights  day (which is on 21st march). The  event will also be used as an  opportunity to promote various  rights issues, and because next  year is the  centenary of the 1913 Land Act in  South Africa, we will be focusing  on land and environmental issues For this first event, we would like  to incorporate musicians and  dancers from Namibia, Botswana  and Angola. It is with Great Sadness We Mourn the Passing of Dr. Alexander Campbell (1932-2012) Dr. Alec Campbell, co-founder of  The Botswana Society, died on  Saturday, 24 November 2012.  He  was 80 years of age.  Alec was  one of Botswana’s foremost  experts on the country’s people,  their history and pre-history, and  the nation’s physical heritage.   Alec has supported and inspired  countless individuals in their  endeavours to broaden knowledge  and understanding of Botswana. Alec was predeceased by his  children Clare and Ian, and is  survived by his wife, Judy, sons  Colin and Niall and daughter  Heather.  Funeral services will be  conducted at the Campbell  residence, Crocodile Pools, on  2nd December 2012, at 7 a.m. For a complete copy of the  obituary, please click here to  download.  For a biography and  list of published materials, please  click here.